Revising the specification for the OpenDRIVE standard for road networks of driving simulators

I would like to thank parson for the good and uncomplicated cooperation. With the expertise or parson, we were able to give ASAM OpenDRIVE a powerful boost and I am convinced that we have developed a good standard with ASAM OpenDRIVE 1.6. In my opinion, the information architecture turned out particularly well. This architecture will help readers navigate through the standard. In the name of ASAM, I would like to sincerely thank all participants in this project.

Nicco Dillmann, Global Technology Manager, ASAM e.V

Goals and Results

ASAM is currently advancing the open file format OpenDrive, a format used for the logical description of road networks for driving simulators. Before extending the standard, ASAM wanted to revise the existing standard in terms of content and language and transfer it to a new layout.

As a service provider with many years of experience in the area of standardization documentation and database specification, parson has significantly taken over this revision for ASAM. As a basis, parson first developed a new information architecture and defined writing rules and terminology.

Together with the members of the OpenDRIVE Transfer Project Group, the content of the OpenDRIVE specification was revised in accordance with the new information architecture. The collaborative work between parson technical communicators and OpenDRIVE specialists was tracked using the Bugzilla ticket system.

Our services in detail: 

  • Development of a topic-based information architecture for specifications, e.g. with the information types concept, use case and class reference
  • Revision and creation of content for the OpenDRIVE specification based on input from OpenDRIVE specialists
  • Revision of the reference documentation for the OpenDRIVE classes (annotations) as part of the OpenDRIVE UML model
  • Revision and standardization of information graphics for the specification in cooperation with ASAM experts 
  • Definition and Application of language rules for the specification 
  • Definition and maintenance of the terminology
  • Development of styles and monitoring of their correct use


Description of attributes and rules for an OpenDRIVE element

ASAM OpenDrive Standard:


About ASAM e.V.

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