Getting Started guide: Information architecture and technical documentation with simplified user interfaces

The cooperation was characterized by professionalism, very good preparation and a high focus on the progress of the project. The project result convinces with a high quality in form and content. Our expectations were fully met.

FLEXIM (translated from German)

Goals and results 

For a new product configurator (FLEXIM CPQ), FLEXIM needed a Getting Started guide. FLEXIM's employees in sales, after-sales service and administration use FLEXIM CPQ to configure products, create quotations, manage orders, and maintain customer data.

parson supported FLEXIM with consulting services to build an information architecture and create English content for the Getting Started guide based on use cases. We used simplified graphics to illustrate the user interface.

Our services in detail

  • Consulting on information architecture and document structure
  • Identify the required information types, e.g. instructions, legal bases, and concepts
  • Create standard structures for the topic types Concept, Task, and Reference as well as corresponding templates
    Excerpt from a standard structure
  • Define paragraph styles for specific information types to the document template
  • Write documentation topics based on tasks in the software: introductory chapters, configuring products, determining prices, creating quotations and orders, error conditions, and sources of errors
  • Create simplified user interfaces (SUIs) and include them in the documentation
    Example of a simplified user interface
  • Feedback on texts of the software interface
  • Terminology work
  • Conduct reviews together with the subject matter experts from FLEXIM