Online documentation for HR software. Author training and implementation of an authoring system

Goals and Results

The Center for Personnel Services needed support with the creation of the documentation for the new HR software KoPers. The main goal was to support the ZPD in the creation of documentation for KoPers. The desired output format for the documentation was PDF and context-sensitive online help.

Now the ZPD can keep the existing 1300-page documentation up to date and add missing content with little effort. The ZPD can provide all employees with updated documentation from KoPers at regular intervals.

Customer Testimonial

We have accomplished a great deal and achieved a great result: a well-structured 1300-page manual in a uniform design. We've been given software that enables us to continue the project. parson not only provided its workforce, all employees were not only involved with their minds, but also with their hearts. We always had the feeling that we were well looked after and supported.

Karin Ladiges, Project Management Processes

Task and topic-based information architecture supports specialist processes

parson developed a topic-based and task-oriented information architecture for documentation in order to ideally support HR staff's specialized processes. The contents of the documentation were created together with ZPD experts. parson additionally trained the HR professionals in technical writing. The contents of the documentation were created in collaboration with ZPD experts. Parson also trained the clerks in technical writing. The PDF document and online help were generated from Microsoft Word documents using Adobe RoboHelp.

Implementation of an authoring system

In a subsequent project, parson advised the ZPD on the introduction of a suitable authoring system to enable authors to work in parallel and to reuse content.

The requirements of the specialist authors were determined in workshops and a pre-selection of suitable authoring systems was made.

In an evaluation process with several systems, parson selected the most suitable system for the ZPD: docuglobe from gds. All existing data was treated and migrated to the new system.

Our services in detail:


Figure 1: Pages of a manual in ZPD design generated from docuglobe


figure 2: Screenshot HR software KoPers


Figure 3: Structure of the manual in KoPers


About ZPD Hamburg

The Center for Personnel Services (ZPD Hamburg) is a state enterprise and an economically independent institution of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The ZPD Hamburg provides a wide range of human resources services for the city's offices and for other customers. For this purpose, the state company provides IT processes for HR processes and is responsible for a variety of services such as benefits and care. Among other things, the ZPD Hamburg arranges the payment of benefits to approximately 150,000 recipients in the amount of around 3.7 billion euros annually.