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by Uta Lange on November 07, 2019

Corresponding service: Chatbots in customer service

Imagine a chatbot that gives precise instructions - live, based on the use case, and tailored to the service technician's qualification.

In a joint project with Endress+Hauser, tcworld has developed an iiRDS-based chatbot demonstrator. Other members in the project team were:

  • ICMS and plusmeta: iiRDS implementation from the content management system
  • parson: iiRDS consulting and agile project management
  • BOTfriends and scitis for imlementing the chatbot

The chatbot app covers two realistic use cases: (1) installation and (2) troubleshooting of an Endress+Hauser flowmeter.


The user simply scans the qr code and begins the conversation with the chatbot. The chatbot recognizes the device and provides information on the installation (use case 1) or troubleshooting (use case 2).

While the user is chatting with the chatbot, a live request is made in the background (request) and information is provided as an answer (delivery). The work in the backend of the chatbot is based on iiRDS data. The modularized documentation data has been enriched with various metadata for the product or the information type, such as error symptom or error cause. This makes an intelligent user guidance in the chatbot possible.

You want to see how the iiRDS chatbot works? Join Endress+Hauser and tcworld at the iiRDS Café at the tcworld conference and chat with the iiBot.

More information about iiRDS can be found at:

iiRDS Café, Wednesday, 13 November 2019, 09:45 - 12:00, Plenary Session 2

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