Uta Lange

Technical Communicator and Online Editor

Uta Lange has been working as Technical Communicator and Online Editor at parson AG in Hamburg since 2012. Her focus is on technical writing, writing software documentation, structuring information, optimization of existing documentation, proofreading and training in technical English. Uta Lange is responsible for the maintenance and conceptual planning of the parson websites and their search engine optimization. She also creates blog and knowledge articles.

Latest articles by Uta Lange

iiRDS - A Standard for Intelligent Content

by Uta Lange on October 02, 2019

As digitalization is advancing, we need to consider more sophisticated technologies for the provision and publication of content. Today, we want to deliver an exact piece of information for a particular use case or situation. That’s why we assign metadata to content and make information intelligent. So far so good. more...