Frank Ralf

Senior Technical Consultant

Frank Ralf has been working as a Senior Technical Consultant at parson since 2014. His main focus is on DITA-XML-based documentation, Semantic MediaWiki and XSLT development. In addition, he has been an active contributor to a number of open source projects such as Drupal, DITA Open Toolkit, and Moodle.

Latest articles by Frank Ralf

Adobe DITAWORLD 2023: parson as Gold Sponsor and with two presentations on intelligent content

May 25, 2023

As a leading DITA ambassador, parson is happy to support the next Adobe DITAWORLD 2023 again as a Gold Sponsor. We are also looking forward to the presentation of Ulrike Parson on "Intelligent content for the manufacturing industry" and the presentation of Frank Ralf and Lukas Jetzig "From DITA to Smart Content." more...

Docs-as-code for technical documentation

by Uta Lange , Fabian Klopfer , Frank Ralf on May 05, 2022

Imagine you can write and update technical documentation with the same tools as the software developers use for their source code: with the same text editor and in the same IDE (integrated development environment), as plain text and versioned in your favorite version control system. Sounds impossible? It is not: It is docs-as-code. more...