Frank Ralf

Senior Technical Consultant

Frank Ralf has been working as a Senior Technical Consultant at parson since 2014. His main focus is on DITA-XML-based documentation, Semantic MediaWiki and XSLT development. In addition, he has been an active contributor to a number of open source projects such as Drupal, DITA Open Toolkit, and Moodle.

Latest articles by Frank Ralf

Docs-as-code for technical documentation

by Uta Lange , Fabian Klopfer , Frank Ralf on May 05, 2022

Imagine you can write and update technical documentation with the same tools as the software developers use for their source code: with the same text editor and in the same IDE (integrated development environment), as plain text and versioned in your favorite version control system. Sounds impossible? It is not: It is docs-as-code. more...