Fabian Klopfer

Technical Communicator

Fabian Klopfer is a technical communicator for IT and software documentation and has been with parson AG since 2018. His focus is on DITA XML, standardization documentation, and e-learning content.

Latest articles by Fabian Klopfer

Publish DITA content at the click of a button: the DITA Open Toolkit

by Marion Knebel , Fabian Klopfer on December 07, 2023

Do you write and publish technical documentation in DITA-XML? It sounds easy: At the click of a button, an XML authoring tool or a web application magically creates a PDF, HTML documentation or WebHelp. But is it really that simple? What happens under the hood? And what if you want to customize the output formats? The answer is the DITA Open Toolkit (DITA OT). more...