Mark Schubert

Senior Technical Consultant

Mark Schubert is a technical consultant for IT and software documentation and has been with parson AG since 2011. He supports customers with content and metadata strategies and single-source publishing solutions. His focus is on RDF, DITA, and XSLT. Mark Schubert is head of the iiRDS working group "Development" of the iiRDS consortium.

Latest articles by Mark Schubert

RDF is not XML – RDF Serialization and iiRDS Metadata

by Mark Schubert on December 04, 2018

The world of technical writing loves XML. Its document type definitions are the foundation of structured authoring. XML and the underlying schemas structure the content of our information products. The benefits are twofold. Content is consistently structured and easy to read. Authors have an easier time writing the content. The structure provides guidelines for authoring. more...

From Word to XML in Four Steps

by Mark Schubert on March 02, 2012

Many companies start producing their documentation in Word, and this works well for small manuals. But over time, as products change and grow, small manuals suddenly have hundreds of pages and become increasingly difficult to manage. At this point, companies look for other solutions such as migrating from Word to XML-based documentation. Structured FrameMaker is a popular choice for an XML editor. But making this transition requires knowledge, discipline, and attention to detail. more...