iiRDS - A Standard for Intelligent Content

by Uta Lange on October 02, 2019

As digitalization is advancing, we need to consider more sophisticated technologies for the provision and publication of content. Today, we want to deliver an exact piece of information for a particular use case or situation. That’s why we assign metadata to content and make information intelligent. So far so good.

But if we want to bring together different types of information from multiple sources in an information portal, and all that content includes metadata, we need to standardize the metadata. That’s where the international standard for intelligent information Request and Delivery iiRDS comes in. iiRDS is an initiative to standardize metadata for technical communication and a packaging format for archiving and exchange.

The article “iiRDS: A Standard for Intelligent Content” by Mark Schubert and Ulrike Parson was published in CIDM Matters. Read the full article: https://www.infomanagementcenter.com/iirds-a-standard-for-intelligent-content/.

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