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The iiRDS standard aims at enabling the delivery and exchange of intelligent content across manufacturers. It's been developed since 2016, under the auspices of the European association of technical communication (tekom). Since the beginning, parson has contributed to the development and documentation of the standard.

Intelligent content consists of small modules enriched with metadata. It can be used in a variety of applications – for example in web shops, service applications, and in technical documentation. The benefit: Instead of browsing large manuals or online documents, users can ask questions, filter search results, or select terms for the full text search. This way, they find answers quickly - or even receive recommendations. 

Do you want to align your content strategy with digitization and Industry 4.0? You’ll benefit from our experience with iiRDS and intelligent content:

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Create iiRDS packages! With parson iiRDS, you create documentation that is fit for Industry 4.0! Because intelligent content is the key.
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