parson revises documentation for ASAM's OpenSCENARIO standard

April 29, 2021

ASAM maintains and develops the open file format OpenSCENARIO, which describes the dynamic content of driving and traffic simulations.

parson has many years of experience in the documentation of technical standards and information architecture. In this project, we extended and standardized the documentation of OpenSCENARIO, adapted it to the ASAM document structure and revised the documentation in terms of language. We were able to draw on experience from other projects with ASAM and the information architecture, terminology, and writing rules defined in them. 

Working with parson for the next development iteration of the ASAM OpenSCENARIO standard is probably one of the best steps ASAM could have taken to increase the quality and usability of the standard. Their superb guidance to the project group on forming the content, bringing it all together and filling in the gaps have led to a much stronger set of documentation than V1.0. I hope to work with the parson team again in the next set of ASAM standardization projects to keep improving the quality of the content we release.

Benjamin Engel, Global Technology Manager, ASAM e.V.

Read the project reference.

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