Digitalization of technical documentation

With parson's support, we were able to quickly collect, cluster and prioritize a multitude of requirements from internal and external stakeholders for future-oriented standard documentation in a structured form. Based on the requirements documented in user stories and the strategic goals developed in parallel for the creation and delivery of the documentation, we were able to identify the key measures and translate them into well-founded recommendations for further action. We were also able to achieve greater clarity in terms of timing and costs for the necessary project follow-up phases for building a content delivery portal. This was topped off with practical suggestions for improving the currently established creation and coordination processes for standard documentation.

GS1 Germany

Objectives and achievements

GS1 Germany provides its customers with standards for the efficient exchange of article master data. The processes for creating and delivering the specifications and documentation of GS1 standards will become more digitalized and partially automated. As an expert in digital technical documentation and content delivery, parson is advising GS1 Germany on this project. 

The digitalization project consists of several phases. This document refers to the tasks in the first phase, the analysis:

  • Clarify strategic goals regarding content management and content delivery
  • Analyze current situation with stakeholders 
  • Define requirements for the future systems and processes 
  • Draw up requirements specifications in the form of user stories
  • Work out proposed solutions and recommended measures

Our services in detail 

Requirements analysis for digitalization of technical documentation

  • Analyzed requirements for the digitalization of GS1 Germany’s technical documentation, content management and content delivery 
  • Conducted interviews and surveys with various stakeholders, including document authors, those responsible for implementation, those responsible for validation and verification of GDSN data, and users from industry and commerce
    Example from a survey 

    Online workshop to clarify requirements for the following areas: 

    • Strategic goals for the documentation and its delivery, including in connection with the goals for product development and digitalization
    • Contents, documents and target groups 
    • Authoring, review and approval processes 
    • Release and further processing of information from the documentation 
    • Delivery and use of documentation  
    • Support requirements 

    Requirements definition and drawing up of recommendations for action

    • Specified requirements in the form of user stories
      Sample user stories 
    • Developed recommendations for action for the next phase(s) of the digitalization project

    About GS1 Germany

    It all started with a simple beep. In 1974, a barcode was scanned for the first time in a supermarket. This was the beginning of the automated checkout – and the start of the GS1 success story. The machine-readable GS1 barcode with the GTIN included is now the universal standard in the global exchange of goods and is scanned six billion times a day on products. GS1 standards are the global language for efficient and secure business processes that transcend company boundaries and continents. As part of a global network, we work with our customers and partners to develop market-driven and future-oriented solutions that directly contribute to their corporate success. Two million companies in over 20 industries worldwide now use this language to uniquely identify products, locations, and assets, to capture relevant data, and to share it with business partners in value networks. GS1 – the global language of business.