Creating a plug-in for sorting glossary entries

parson are experts at what they do and helped us quickly create the DITA plug-in. We very much enjoyed working with them throughout the process. XPLM has no hesitation in recommending parson for services in the DITA environment.


Objectives and achievements

XPLM creates technical documentation in DITA XML and uses the DITA Open Toolkit with custom plug-ins for generating output formats. After switching to the DITA Open Toolkit 3.x and map-first-preprocessing, it was no longer possible to use the plug-in to automatically sort glossary entries. parson therefore created a new plug-in for XPLM to carry out this function.

About XPLM

XPLM is a globally operating PLM solution provider, specializing in integrating applications, processes, data and information, for optimum cross-domain collaboration between engineers. With its unique technology portfolio, XPLM integrates between leading PLM, MCAD, ECAD, SysML, ERP, Office, Requirements Management, and ALM/Software tools.