PAG Icons WissensmanagementLet Your Staff Share Their Knowledge.

Because you can't use what you can't find.

Each company owns valuable knowledge: about customers, processes, tools and methods, products, and much more. But often, this knowledge resides in the heads of your employees or is distributed over several storage locations.

If your employees cannot access vital information quickly, they will work less efficiently. Make your company’s knowledge accessible to all your staff. We help you set up a knowledge management system, for example, based on a wiki. We organize your knowledge articles and documents and develop efficient access and search functions.

Our services:

  • Define requirements
  • Select a suitable knowledge management system
  • Develop a basic structure for knowledge articles and documents
  • Categorize and index contents, for example, with RDF
  • Migrate existing documents
  • Program forms for standardized content editing
  • Adjust search functions and filters to the target audience
  • Train your staff in knowledge management

Our Tools

  • Semantic MediaWiki
  • Confluence
  • DrupalWiki

Project Stories

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  • xing