PAG Icons EntwicklungXML, XSLT, and RDF? We build your solutions.

Technology is designed to assist you, not to slow you down. We pave the way for your documentation and knowledge management – tailor-made, according to your needs.

You decided to use a documentation tool or framework? Now you need to adjust it. We customize your XML application and develop publishing solutions for all output formats. We work based on established industry standards like DITA, DocBook, and PI-Mod.

Do you need to edit old documents with new tools? We assist you with the migration. Do you want to create documentation using content from external sources? We develop custom transformations and configure your tools. Do you want to link all your information pools? We set up a semantic network with RDF, OWL, SPARQL & Co.

Our services:

  • Specialize DITA and customize DITA OT
  • Determine a subset of DITA elements and attributes for your documentation
  • Adapt DTDs and XML schemas, for example, for a customized DITA environment
  • Customize PDF and webhelp output via the DITA Open Toolkit
  • Develop XSL transformations
  • Migrate data
  • Integrate data and automate documentation
  • Implement and maintain oXygen frameworks
  • Develop structured FrameMaker solutions
  • Set up knowledge networks with semantic technologies
  • Create transformations for online documentation and PDF output
  • Customize wiki solutions
  • linkedin
  • xing