gds and parson partnership adds information architecture to its portfolio.

August 16, 2023

gds and parson have expanded their cooperation: customers implementing an information management solution from gds can now draw on parson’s many years of experience in modern and sustainable information architectures. With a solid information architecture as a foundation, companies will maximize the potential of their component content management system (CCMS) and content delivery portal.

The close relationship with parson AG is highly valuable for us. Their outstanding expertise in information architecture perfectly complements our own efforts in implementing our software solutions docuglobe, XR, and easybrowse. Together, we can offer our customers an all-inclusive package that allows them to effectively manage their data and information, and confidently face the challenges of the digital world.

Ulrich Pelster, Managing Director of gds GmbH

We’re excited to further strengthen our successful partnership with gds and use our expertise to support gds customers in setting up their gds systems. Modern information architecture facilitates modular content and incorporates extendable metadata. There’s no better way to efficiently provide the appropriate documentation for the increasing variety of product variants and output channels. By deploying a gds system with the right information architecture, companies can effectively address the requirements of the industrial internet of things and digitalization.

Ulrike Parson, CEO of parson AG

Information architecture for docuglobe, XR, and easybrowse

Information architecture is the foundation for managing structured information in a CCMS and provides the framework for content modularization, reuse, and variant management. During the development phase, parson’s experts analyze the existing documentation and the content management and content delivery requirements. The resulting information architecture is implemented in the selected information management system: docuglobe, XR, and/or easybrowse. 

Training in information architecture and information structures 

Information architectures are constantly evolving. That is why parson’s experts document the architecture during the development phase and hand it over to the gds users for maintenance at the end of development. For this reason, parson also provides training in using the  CCMS and/or content delivery portal. 

About gds GmbH 

Today, it does not suffice to simply offer editorial systems alone. gds GmbH provides a unique full service, encompassing technical documentation with a clear focus on efficiency increase and process optimization. Our products and services can help you work successfully and in an innovative manner. Perfectly tailored to your sector of industry, our systems and services will help you achieve your goal easily and quickly – regardless of where in the Content Life Cycle you may need our assistance. We can give you everything you need to be productive. No matter where or when, we can support you in realizing your vision and reaching your goals faster. Our products are tailored to your requirements and not the other way around, because we concentrate on what is really important – you. Our solutions help you do everything you do simply (and) better. Go to the gds website.

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