parson at the tcworld conference 2022: meet us in Stuttgart from November, 8th to 10th

September 20, 2022

After two long years of not being able to meet in person due to the corona pandemic, the tcworld conference opens its doors again and will take place from November, 8th to 10th live at the ICS in Stuttgart. We are looking forward to numerous exciting presentations on technical communication, news from the industry, tool presentations and meetups in English and German. We hope to see you there!

parson will contribute 4 presentations to tcworld 2022 on topics such as metadata management, smart content, docs-as-code and latests developments in iiRDS.

Our presentations in detail:

The harsh reality of metadata management and smart content (in German only)

Ulrike Parson, Thomas Ziesing and Dr. Achim Steinacker

November 8th, 2022, 9.30 to 10.15 a.m. (CET)

A paradigm shift is becoming reality – at the beginning of the content supply chain is no longer the CCMS, but the metadata. How can a busy technical communication team change its processes? What obstacles complicate the implementation of a smart content solution?

iiRDS: Latest Developments

Mark Schubert, Dr. Michael Fritz, Dr. Achim Steinacker and Ulrike Parson

November 9th, 2022, 9.00 to 9.45 a.m. (CET)

The Steering Committee Chair and the Conveners of the working groups "Development," "Tools – Validation – Content," and "Standards" present the latest developments of iiRDS in 2022. In July, two new projects started: the development of an iiRDS Validation Tool and the improvement of terminology e. g. by harmonizing definitions of classes, instances, and properties of the iiRDS Schema. The Working Group Conveners are reporting on the status and results of these projects.

Showcase Session: Various Insights into iiRDS Best Practice

Karsten Schrempp, Marcus Hoffmann and Konstantin Poljakow, Dr. Achim Steinacker and Ulrike Parson

November 9th, 2022, 11.35 to 12.20 a.m. (CET)

PANTOPIX: iiRDS as integration tool in editorial worlds

Karsten Schrempp

In your technical writing department, the number of tools keeps growing. It is no longer just content and translation management that needs to be operated and controlled, but also classification and distribution. There is a lot of data exchange between these systems – all content needs metadata in some form. We will show you how to intelligently provide and link information and metadata with iiRDS.

Siemens: iiRDS production deployment for content delivery in the SIMATIC Edge ecosystem

Marcus Hoffmann and Konstantin Poljakow

Siemens AG uses iiRDS packages in the field of automation technology in the SIMATIC Edge-Ecosystem to provide customers with information. The editorial department puts technical product information in the iiRDS format, enriched with metadata such as "Product function," "Product feature," and "Product component" on a lean content delivery portal. Customers can narrow the search space with filters and facets based on the metadata to find the exact info they need.

Empolis and parson: iiRDS in the digital information twin

Dr. Achim Steinacker and Ulrike Parson

iiRDS has become an established standard for delivering documentation as smart content to web portals and apps. But as digitalization progresses, it is becoming more important to aggregate and link information from different systems, representing it in a digital twin. This includes technical data, product information, lifecycle information, and technical documentation. iiRDS may serve as a basis for representing technical documentation content and metadata in a digital twin. If iiRDS-based content is combined with product data from the digital twin, e. g. product variants and product properties, matching content for a specific product variant can be requested. The CCMS can be triggered to generate new content if there is no matching content. This changes the documentation workflow: the CCMS no longer initiates the content generation process – the digital information twin does. 

Docs-as-code becomes docs-in-code (in German only)

Marion Knebel and Ann-Cathrin Mackenthun

November 10th, 2022, 10.05 to 10.50 a.m. (CET)

Doc-as-code often means that the documentation is managed like source code in a version control system and goes through similar processes as the code. In terms of content, the two remain separate. We go one step further and write the documentation directly in the code. Using a data format specification, we show how we create concepts, examples, and processing rules in Markdown syntax directly in the code in addition to code comments.

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