STC Panel on March 25: Lessons in SUI Graphics from Real Creators and Technical Communicators

March 16, 2021

STC (Society for Technical Communication) presents a panel discussion on "Lessons in SUI Graphics from Real Creators and Technical Communicators".  

Trial and error is certainly an effective way to learn how to create SUI graphics (simplified user interface). But wouldn't it be nice if you knew someone who had already paved the way and left a map for you to follow? Matt Pierce (TechSmith), will host a panel of SUI users to share their experience.

Kat Cassidy (Procore), Leonie Saremba (parson AG), and Monique Semp (Write Quick Inc.), will discuss what worked well, what didn't, what they wish they would have known sooner, and provide advice for those looking to start creating their own simplified content. At the end of the presentation Matt will ask the panel attendee-submitted questions!

Lessons in SUI Graphics from Real Creators and Technical Communicators (sponsored by TechSmith)

Thursday, March 25, 2021, 1.00 p.m. (EDT)

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