tcworld conference 2020: A personal selection

by Ulrike Parson on November 09, 2020

There were many discussions at the conference about the new digital format of the tcworld conference. I thought it was great and I want pay my respects to tcworld!

But let's concentrate on the presentations that inspired me at the conference. This is a personal selection that is not yet complete. The recordings will be available online for three months. So I will catch up on one or other presentation and hopefully you will too. This list mentions only presentations that were held in English. Switch to the German version, to learn more about the German presentations.

Minimalism is still alive! 

Here are the key points of Nicky Bleiel and Dr. John Carroll and what they mean for technical documentation:

  • Allow learners to start immediately on meaningfully realistic tasks. Consequences for the documentation: Use a task and action-oriented approach.
  • Reduce amount of reading and other passive activity in training. Consequence: Avoid information that users do not need, e.g. alternative ways in the user interface or special cases. Avoid colloquial language, standardize language and terminology.
  • Help to make errors and make error recovery less traumatic and more pedagogically productive. Consequences: Let the users know what to expect. Write problem and error solutions, warnings, describe requirements for action.  


About the development of a chatbot at SAP

A great systematic overview by Marianne Macgregor and Sabrina Stork. Presentation

Simple graphics for quick understanding

Presented by Leonie Saremba and Anton Bollen. Presentation

Charming the Word Snake: Terminology Work and Language Checking with Python

Presented by Esther Strauch and Maximilian Rosin. Presentation

Graphic Recording by Henk Wijnands of The Visual Communication Company



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