PAG Icons SchulungPractical Product Training

To ensure that your customers can use your products safely and efficiently, you first have to teach them how. Product training requires comprehensive training material and modern visual teaching material, such as videos and tutorials.

We help you design your product training material and training concepts. Or we organize the entire training program. We employ proven methods and combine them with new ones, such as the flipped classroom or online classes.

We create convincing presentations for your sales department so that your product leaves an excellent impression. We develop online tutorials and demonstration videos for your customers. This way, your customers can learn about your product without having to install it.

Our services:

  • custom training material for individuals or groups
  • sales presentation material
  • e-learning material for your product training
  • tutorials and demonstration videos

We offer

  • Custom product training for individuals or groups
  • Sales presentation material
  • E-learning material for your product training
  • Tutorials and demonstration videos
  • linkedin
  • xing