Trainging: iiRDS - the delivery standard for smart content (introductory course)

In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of iiRDS: metadata, intelligent content, and content delivery. We will then look at the goals of iiRDS and the role of the standard in the context of technical communication.

Who should take the course?

  • Technical communicators and information architects

Required knowledge

  • None required

Training format

  • Digital (blended) learning

Course contents

Introduction to iiRDS and related concepts

  • Fundamentals: metadata, taxonomies and ontologies
  • New concepts in technical communication: intelligent content, content delivery and iiRDS
  • Metadata and iiRDS metadata classes


iiRDS metadata

  • iiRDS metadata and its use

Tools for iiRDS and some practical examples

  • Tools for iiRDS and modeling an ontology