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Every organization needs skilled and qualified employees, also in technical documentation.

Is writing documentation part of your job description? Do you need to document a product or write a technical report? Would you like to develop your technical writing skills to a professional level? We share our years of experience in technical documentation with you.

Our training programs are designed for technical writers  and software developers or engineers alike. No matter whether you are just starting or have been writing documentation for years. In our training programs, you will learn exactly what you need for your job. We offer:

Technical Writing for Engineers, in German or English

Many engineers and software developers also have to write technical documentation, yet have note received appropriate training. We teach you to write in a clear and comprehensive manner and for a specific target group so that you can write your documentation efficiently and in high quality.

Our courses include practical writing rules and style guidelines for German and English, which you can apply immediately in your job.

Training for Technical Writers – tailored to your needs

For technical writers, we offer individual training courses covering specific methods or tools used in technical documentation. We adjust the course to your exact needs so that you learn everything you need to be a successful technical writer. We prepare custom exercises based on real-life examples from your own documentation. This way, you can directly apply what you have learned in your job.

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Technical Writing Training for Engineers (evodion IT)


Technical Writing for Engineers

  • Fundamentals of technical writing
  • Writing rules in German and English
  • Terminology
  • Visualization in technical documentation

Training for Technical Writers

  • XML and DITA
  • Standardize and structure documentation
  • Writing rules and style guide
  • Modular design and variant management
  • Online documentation
  • Technical documentation tools
  • Knowledge management
  • Wiki authoring
  • XSLT & more
  • linkedin
  • xing