Introduction to agile methods and Scrum

Do you want to develop your products efficiently and according to the needs of your users? With agile methods like Scrum, you can manage complex development projects in a flexible and unbureaucratic way.

Scrum was first used in software developement but is now used in other areas too. That's why you don't have to be a software developer to attend this training course. This training is intended for product managers and technical communicators as well. Wherever you want to use Scrum: You will learn and practice how to implement your projects in an agile way.

This training course is for

  • Software and product developers
  • Product managers
  • Technical communicator

Prior knowledge

  • Basic knowledge or some experience in project management 

Training format

  • Classroom training or digital (blended learning)


  • One day

Training modules

Introduction to agile methods and Scrum

With agile methods you can reduce development time, increase transparency, and launch products faster. Training modules:

  • How does agile development work and which methods are available? 
  • What is Scrum and what roles are there?
  • How are agile processes designed: from release planning to sprint demo

User Stories

A user story is a product requirement that is written from the user's point of view. It usually does not have more than two sentences. User stories are used in agile development to specify requirements. User stories are also of interest to technical communicators, especially because the stories almost single-handedly form a task-based information product. Training modules:

  • Write and prioritize user stories
  • Apply acceptence criteria
  • From a user story to documentation

Create documentation in agile environments

Agile environments can be challenging for technical communicators: There is little written input, features should soon be fully implemented, and the documentation must somehow be a part of it. On the other hand, integrating developers and technical communicators in agile teams also has advantages: They learn how to benefit from the cooperation and appreciate each other, and as an editor you have direct access to the experts who have to provide the input for the documentation. Training modules:

  • How can you integrate technical communicators into Scrum teams?
  • Time management: How can you finish the documentation on time? Which meetings are important?
  • Change management: When is a good time to start writing? How do I handle late or frequent changes? 

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