Training: Topic-based authoring

Topic-based authoring enables you to create modular content. Content is structured around subjects and written in such a way that it can be combined and reused in different contexts. Topics are small, easy-to-grasp information units. They are self-contained and understandable on their own; they do not need external context. They address one central subject and answer one specific question for the user.

Because of these qualities, topics are perfect for technical communication, especially for online documentation. They allow us to separate content by function and information type and structure it according to the users' requirements. In this way, they create user-friendly content.

Training topics:

  • Fundamentals of topic-based authoring
  • Common topic types incl. exercises
  • How to separate information into topics
  • Target audience analysis and topic types
  • Establishing context. Topics and information products
  • Metadata for topics and intelligent content