Topic-based documentation with DITA

All about DITA

It’s all possible thanks to DITA: creating technical documentation with ease, reusing content and creating a variety of publication formats. With us you’ll find your individual DITA solution.

Your own DITA environment

Do you want to set up your own DITA environment? We’ll guide you through the entire process: after analyzing your requirements, we’ll recommend the appropriate tools and set up the authoring environment and output formats, such as PDF or Webhelp. Read more about our development services.

Start working quickly

Do you want to start working with DITA quickly, and to work only with the most common structures? Or do you want to immediately produce a simple PDF output? Then our service package parson Smart Content is ideal for you. It contains a simplified DITA schema, which you can begin working with immediately. Read more about parson Smart Content.

Learn DITA

Do you want to learn DITA? Use the DITA eLearning platforms in German or English. Or book a DITA training course.

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