Technical writing for engineers

Your engineers, software developers and technicians are experts in technical matters. We get their technical writing skills into shape so that they can pass on the technical knowledge of your company.

This training course is for

  • Software developers, engineers and technicians

Prior knowledge

  • none

Training format

  • Classroom training or digital (blended learning)


  • Two to three days

Training modules

Write for your target group

To create content that is comprehensible and task-oriented, you need to know the  readers of your documentation. What do they know, what do they expect, in which context do they read? Selected topics in this module:

  • Why analyze a target group
  • Target groups for technical documentation
  • How to analyze a target group

Standardize and structure technical documentation

Standardization helps you create and publish content more efficiently. It also improves readability and comprehensibility of your documentation.  Selected topics in this module:

  • General principles and levels of standardization
  • How to standardize and structure documentation

Write good user stories

User stories describe a functionality from a user's point of view. They can be used for requirements definition and management. User stories are short and easy to understand and support us in agile development. Selected topics in this module:

  • How to use user stories for requirements definition
  • Advantages and limitations of user stories
  • Create and manage user stories

Terminology and writing rules

Terminology management and writing rules ensure that different authors write consistently. Selected topics in this module:

  • Basics of terminology management
  • Recommended writing rules for technical documentation (German and English)

Processes and rules in technical documentation

There are standards and rules that apply to documentation processes. Selected topics in this module:

  • Typical documentation processes
  • How to make your reviews successful

Legal requirements and safety instructions

Technical documentation must be legally compliant and adhere to applicable standards, such as the IEC 82079-01 standard. Selected topics in this module:

  • Legal requirements for technical documentation
  • How to write safety instructions that are legally compliant and that your readers understand

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