We offer comprehensive services for technical communication. For this, we cooperate with strong partners who are specialists in their fields of expertise and who share our high standards for quality.

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Adobe has revolutionized how the world engages with ideas and information. Their award-winning software and technologies have set the gold standard in communication and collaboration for more than 30 years. Adobe’s Technical Communication group delivers best-in-class tools, systems and services that help businesses streamline content workflows end-to-end. With their cutting-edge solutions, teams can effortlessly collaborate on the creation of ground-breaking content, manage and reuse assets efficiently, and seamlessly publish it across multiple channels and devices. Published content can be tailored to audiences, increasing relevance and consumption. All this, and more, while offering the highest return on investment. parson ist Adobe Technical Communication Partner.

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BDE Software Services GmbH is a software consultancy and software service company, based in Hamburg, Germany. BDE specializes in software architecture and development, software maintainance, and project management. Its highly experienced staff quarantees highest quality, budget compliance, reliability, and correct delivery dates.

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is a leading software manufacturer for multi-level documentation systems and is the first provider of Multi-Level Documentation. Besides its software products, DOCUFY also offers consulting and development services and professional support. The company is based in Bamberg and employs around 80 people. The software specialist also markets its multilingual software worldwide via a network of partners.

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Empolis systems analyze terabytes of data in milliseconds so that users can always make the right decisions or digital assistants support you with them. They help us provide the right information to the right person to the right device at the right time in any given context according to our motto: DECIDE. RIGHT. NOW. Our software represents comprehensive creation, management, analysis, intelligent processing and provision of all relevant information needed for business processes, regardless of source, format, user, location or device. Decision-makers, employees and customers reliably receive precise and relevant information, situation-appropriate and task-relevant.

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Today, it does not suffice to simply offer editorial systems alone. gds Group provides a unique full service, encompassing technical documentation with a clear focus on efficiency increase and process  optimization. Our products and services can help you work successfully and in an innovative manner. Perfectly tailored to your sector of industry, our systems and services will help you achieve your goal easily and quickly – regardless of where in the Content Life Cycle you may need our assistance. We can give you everything you need to be productive. No matter where or when, we can support you in realizing your vision and reaching your goals faster. Our solutions help you do everything you do simply (and) better.

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Prof. Dr. Britta Görs (V-Prof)
is a technical communicator, based in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2014, she has been a visiting professor at the Hanover university of applied sciences and art. Dr. Britta Görs and parson jointly organized the Hamburg training program "Professional Technical Documentation".


Based in Lindau and Karlsruhe, ICMS GmbH is a manufacturer-independent consulting firm that advises companies in a wide cross-section of sectors when it comes to selecting, introducing and operating the right system solution in the field of information and content management. With the aid of process analyses, we work together with you in optimising relevant processes. Through cross-divisional and individually developed metadata and modularisation concepts, we will make your content smart in every sense of the word!

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intelligent views gmbh
develops the semantic graph database k-infinity. k-infinity combines the agility of NoSQL databases with the information governance known from relational DBMS. Its natural, graph-based representation of information and its visual approach make data modelling accessible for non-IT users. The k-infinity database allows to change the schema at runtime and is therefore the ideal basis for agile development. Typical applications are: integration of heterogeneous, sometimes unstructured sources, networked information and smart data applications. k-infinity’s open, REST- and JSON-based service-oriented architecture makes it easy to integrate into existing IT landscapes.

Founded 1998, IXIASOFT is a trusted global leader in CCMS. The company’s signature product IXIASOFT CCMS is an award-winning, end-to-end component content management solution (CCMS) used by industry leaders such as Mastercard, Ericsson, Komatsu, Infineon, and SAP. From authoring to reviewing, localizing and publishing, IXIASOFT CCMS provides all the tools required for large, global organizations to support their entire documentation process.

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SyncRO Soft SRL is a highly acclaimed software company that makes oXygen XML Editor. oXygen XML Editor is the best and most comprehensive XML editor available. It is designed to accommodate all of your XML editing, authoring, developing, and publishing needs. oXygen XML Editor offers ready-to-use support for DITA, DocBook, TEI, XHTML and other XML frameworks..

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is an expert for customer-focused and user friendly solutions for Technical Communication. PANTOPIX offers an outstanding combination of conceptual design, integration and improvement for information architectures and appropriate information development and publication processes.


makes technical information more intelligent with cloud-based software. Our platform analyzes complex information using artificial intelligence and generates associated metadata and semantic structure. This enables modern applications which rely on intelligent data, including digital assistants in field service, Industry 4.0 applications, chatbots and enterprise information portals. Add intelligence!


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