PAG Icons TechnischeDokumentationGood documentation is written for the user.

Because it focuses on the knowledge and tasks of the user.

That’s why we do not immediately start writing. First we analyze the users of your product: What are their skills? How do they work? This way, we can create documentation that is user-friendly and adapted to the tasks and potential problems of the users. Good documentation assists users in their daily work and answers their questions. Good documentation reduces the workload of your customer support. Good documentation saves the user time and your organization money.

Technical documentation often includes technical jargon. To improve readability of your documentation, we adjust the language to the knowledge level of the users. To optimize your company’s external and internal communication, we develop a company-specific terminology with you. We also help you select a suitable terminology management system.

Our services

  • Write technical documentation for products and services for many industries, including mechanical engineering, medical technology, software, and logistics
  • Create developer documentation, API documentation and SDK documentation
  • Write standardized and modular technical documentation
  • Introduce variant management for documentation
  • Create company-specific guidelines for a minimalistic, structured, and translation-friendly writing style
  • Develop corporate terminology for technical documentation, marketing, and training
  • Support introduction of content management systems, terminology management systems, and linguistic tools
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